Fee guidelines

Fees at the Radetzky villa typically consist of the following items:

1. Consultation fee

Your initial consultation will be used to talk about your request and expectations, review your medical history and to conduct a clinical examination. Based on these findings the most suitable treatment option will be proposed and alternative options will be discussed, including risk and benefits, tailored to your specific situation. The chosen procedure will be explained to you in detail, including what and what not to expect as far as recovery, follow-up and anticipated results are concerned.

The consultation fee is to be paid immediately afterwards and can be made either in cash or by bank transfer. The fee includes any additional consultation with your surgeon should you wish to further clarify matters before the procedure.

2. Surgeons fee

Most aesthetic surgery procedures will not be covered by your insurance. Part of the fee of the proposed treatment will be the surgeon’s fee, which includes all routine postoperative consultations and care. Fees are payable before surgery, either in cash or by bank transfer. In case of lengthy procedures a deposit may be required to guarantee your preferred date and time. In case of cancellation within two weeks of the booked date, a cancellation fee will be charged. Please be aware it is your own responsibility to reclaim (part of) the costs of your treatment to your insurance. In case of doubt concerning your level of cover, you are advised to contact your insurance before the procedure.

3. Additional fees

Additional costs can include preoperative evaluations, hospital stay, or anaesthesiologist care, and they are added when required. If a hospital stay is required, the hospital will offer a set price depending on the requirements. This will be explained to you when you finalise your booking so all costs should be clear before the start of the treatment.

Be aware: in case of medical emergencies or unexpected treatments the hospital or its staff will add the relevant fees accordingly.

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