Most people that wish to correct their nose do so because of an disbalance in their face due to its shape, perceiving it for instance to be too large or crocked in comparison to the surroundings. The nose that might cause problems in one, might be a perfect fit in another. Small changes to its shape can already have a profound effect on the face.

Form and function

Often however, form and function go hand in hand. A common indication like an elevated nasal bridge, is mostly due to a prolonged growth spurt of the septum. This not only results in a so called hump, but can also result in functional complaints due to airway obstruction. A correction of its deviation can improve nasale passage as well as shape. It is therefore of importance that expectations are realistic and that for instance the healing proces is understood. When the nose is adjusted so that it fits the face better, it does not draw negative attention anymore, which calms down the face.


In the light of the complexity of the nose, it is important to discuss expectations and possibilities in a personal consultation.

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