The procedure | Cleft surgery

When a baby is born with a facial cleft, it has a huge functional (eating, breathing, speaking) and aesthetic (for instance social acceptance) impact. In some countries it is seen as a bad omen, where “the gods must have cursed the family in which such a child is born”. Also in our western society, children with a cleft have to fight for recognition and against prejudice.

As clefts are treated according protocols that follow the growth process, different procedures are done at different ages. Over the last 15 years Dr van der Meulen has been intensively involved in treating these children, as a member of the cleft team of one of the largest children’s hospitals in Europe. He travels to Asia regularly on humanitarian missions, treating these kids for free.

In the Radetzky villa dr van der Meulen mainly corrects deformities in children previously operated somewhere else. He is specialised in correcting the nose and the lip in young adults.
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