The procedure | Correction of inverted nipples

Inverted nipples retract because of short ductal connections. Correction is by transecting the ducts that are holding the nipples down.

Where will I be operated?

The operation will be performed at the fully equipped operating theatre in the Radetzky villa.

What can I expect of the operation?

The operation will be performed under local anaesthetic or sedation and will take between 30 minutes. Your surgeon will always see you before the operation and will talk you through the steps. Pictures will be taken for documentation. The procedure will start with prepping and draping of your chest. Some small injections will be used to numb the skin. The ducts will be cut via a small incision underneath the nipple. A suture will be used to keep the nipples suspended for the first week.

What are the risks?

The correction of retracted nipples is considered to be a low risk procedure. Infections or wound healing problems do sometimes occur but can be treated conservatively. Aesthetic surgery though is not an exact science. In a small number of cases where both client and surgeon are not totally pleased, a touch up operation may be needed.

What can I expect after the operation?

When the anaesthetic wears off you may experience some slight discomfort, which however typically disappears after the first few hours. In the first few days healing will include some swelling, combined with a tightness of the areas involved in surgery, and (variably) some bruising.

What will the scars be like?

The scars of this kind of surgery will lie in close proximity to the nipple. They will be minimal and in most cases not noticeable in the long term.

How long before I can resume my normal life?

Most people manage to return to activities in the first few days after surgery. At one week after surgery an appointment will be made for you at the Radetzky villa for a check up. At this stage the dressings as well as the suspension sutures will be removed. We also recommend you to refrain from doing any strenuous activities in the first 2 weeks.

What is good to know about the long term?

Because of the continuous pressure of bra’s it is likely that some of the nipple height that is achieved by this surgery is lost over time.
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