General reconstructive Surgery

Next to aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery is an important part of plastic surgery. The aim is to restore shape and function of different parts of the body that either have not been formed (congenital) or have been lost due to accidents of cancer. The cosmetic aspect of reconstructive surgery is quite important, since all that is recreated should function in real life to achieve social reintegration in society.

Changes in shape or function of different parts of the body

Whether these are the result of an accident, cancer or burns, reconstructive surgery often can correct or replace the lost function.

Open wounds

Plastic surgery originated in the 1st World War, where for the first time many soldiers were injured but did not die at the front. The closure of wounds became the speciality of plastic surgery, making plastic surgeons best suited for wound care in general.

Congenital malformations

Some children are born with malformations that give considerable functional deficits. Many of these, like hand deformities or cleft lip and palate, can be reconstructed by plastic surgeons, restoring function as well as aesthetic aspects.
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