Laser therapy


No matter if in the face or at other places on the body – undesired growth of hair is perceived as incommoding. Nowadays, with the help of laser technology undesired hair can be removed permanently in a gentle way. Thanks to that shaving or painful waxing is not necessary any longer. The exact number of treatments differs according to the individual person and the body area. Usually, after approximately 6 treatments a reduction in hair of about 90% can be achieved.


Spider veins

Telangiectasias, also known as spider veins, are fine reddish or bluish vessels which tend to appear on the legs. The treatment of spider veins is very efficient and can be repeated any number of times. Spider veins usually reappear: the earlier the treatment, the longer the result.


If spider veins appear on the face they are called couperose, which also can be treated efficiently with laser technology.

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