Current status of Plastic Surgery

The process of aging

It happens to all of us. Our appearance changes while we grow older. Wrinkles appear and the skin starts to sag. Over recent years though research has increased our understanding of the factors contributing to this aging process. Three main factors have emerged as being detrimental why we progressively look older:
– Loss of elasticity of the skin,
– Sagging of supportive structures underneath the skin,
– Progressive loss of volume of tissues underneath the skin.

Evolution of techniques

With this knowledge in mind, operative techniques have changed over the years. Whereas for instance the classic “American” facelift resulted in a tight face by pulling back the skin, nowadays techniques are focussed on repositioning tissues to their original location. Restoring the balance of both position and volume is different in every person. Keeping the three factors above in mind, treatment solutions should be fine tuned according to your anatomy, your wishes and needs. Our doctors are very perceptive in that, since they know that only then they can achieve a natural result for each and everyone.

Quality of care

The Medical staff at the Radetzky villa takes pride in being up to date with the latest evolutions in Aesthetic Surgery. They are leaders in the field and are invited to international conferences to speak on these subjects on a regular base. New techniques however are always approached with care, as new is not always better. Only when new techniques are based on solid anatomical principles have proven their effectiveness and have a complication risk level, which is on par, or below well-established techniques, are they being taken into consideration.

Safety regulations

Recently, a new standard of safety regulations for operating theatres has been introduced by the Austrian Medical authorities. They are much more strict than previously, and aim to improve safety for patients in line with regulations all over Europe. Unlike many others, the all-new operating theatre at the Radetzky villa complies to these new rules, elevating safety and infection prevention to the newly required level in Austria.

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