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The Team

The surgical team at the Radetzky villa consists of four dedicated Plastic Surgeons, who all have a reputation of persistently achieving high quality care in this field of surgery.

Dr Heike Klepetko MD Phd
Dr Thomas Agnese MD
Dr Erik Walbeehm MD Phd

All of them have trained in respectable International institutes of Plastic Surgery and have gained extensive experience in a wide variety of settings. Their surgical skills are being supported by a paramedical team, that is committed to provide you with the best possible care and with the personal attention you deserve.

State of the art in aesthetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic or Aesthetic surgery aims to correct or improve on a physical misbalance which is experienced by our clients. An operation to restore this balance not only improves your appearance, but also tends to make you feel better about yourself. This spin-off potentially doubles the effect of surgery.
Over the last years the techniques have improved dramatically. Better understanding of the process of ageing, the introduction of minimal invasive surgery and of biomedical surgery, or the instalment of international guidelines on quality to name a few, have all helped in reducing the downtime after surgery, while improving on achieving a natural result of your treatment.

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Most people seeking a correction of their nose, carry this wish for years. Their choose of surgeon in the end comes down to experience and trust.

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The Radetzky Villa

Our clinic is situated in Vienna’s highly desirable 19th district. It is located next to a small park in the small town of Grinzing, which is known for its traditional houses and picturesque atmosphere.

The Radetzky Schlössl in Grinzing is the former house of Joseph Radetzky (1766-1858), who was the Fieldmarschalk of the Austrian army in the early half of the 19th century. His fame was immortalised by Johan Strauss sr, who composed the Radetzkymars in 1848.

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The beauty of being a Plastic Surgeon is that you acquire skills that can be used in any other hospital in the world. The four surgeons at the Radetzky villa all have extensive experience in reconstructive surgery, both with adults and with children. On a regular basis they travel to developing countries as the head of a non-profit surgical team, where they mostly treat harelips, cleft palates of contractures after burn injuries. In periods of two weeks usually 60 children are helped free of charge. The second aim of these medical visits is to train local surgeons so they can perform these operations themselves.

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